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PAC School of Online Learning

Classroom learning is no longer a concept attached to a physical space in a specified setting with x number of students or teachers today; the advancement of technology has allowed classroom learning to evolve and to grow past the needs of physical settings. We at PAC strongly believe in contemporary ways of teaching that can enhance the learning of our students and provide students with a platform where they can study according to their needs during flexible time periods.

We have therefore initiated the PAC School of Online Learning; an online platform where students have access to live and interactive online lectures, class recordings, online tests, mock examinations along with regular feedback from specialist teachers trained to impart education online. While the idea of online education is not novel in Pakistan, SOL is the first distance learning programme that offers live and interactive sessions. Thanks to the flexibility of the online format, the online PAC courses can be taken anywhere, anytime which is a plus for students with busy schedules as well for students who cannot visit the campuses regularly. Henceforth, passionate students who want to gain a qualification in accountancy but do not have access to PAC’s campuses because they live in remote areas, or overseas, or cannot leave their houses regularly otherwise, have a very convenient option available for them to pursue their careers and dreams!

We feel proud to announce that within its short life, the school already has earned a Gold Medal and number of Certificate of Merit!

School of Online Learning
Our Faculty

Our Faculty

“A teacher affects eternity, you can never tell where his influence stops.” –Henry Adams

Our responsibility as a renowned educational institute is to choose, recruit and provide knowledge from any and by all means. Thus, our faculty here at PAC includes intellectual staff members who not only have a strong hold over their fields but also have expertise in demonstrating practical examples to go with the knowledge being shared through books. Most of our faculty members have held international qualification s and carry a broader perspective in helping us achieve our objectives. It is their untiring efforts, experience, stimulated approaches and new ideas that have shaped PAC into a well-recognized institute.

Our staff members are highly qualified and have relevant qualifications such as FCA, ACCA, MBA/ M-Phil and Masters which is reflected through the quality of education they provide. They have developed congenial ties with the students so as to teach, inspire and learn together. Moreover, students are happy being part of an organization where their mentors are available for guidance and assistance throughout. The staff members make sure that they provide hands-on examples in relation to the modern-day business practices.

PAC focuses on providing an in-depth and thorough understanding of the business and management theory framework so that we can shape students into individuals willing to benefit the society with their knowledge and ideas. In order to keep us focused and achieve our goals, our academic members evaluate the work of students critically.