Our Founding Members

Meet the team behind the success of our students!
Our Founding Members
Our Founding Members

PAC Founding Members

The people who have contributed immensely to our growth!
Our Founding Members

Founder’s Message - Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed (Late)

Ishfaq Ahmed (the founder of PAC was born in in 1954. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1983 and was admitted as fellow of ICAP in 1993. He did his B.Com from Hailey College of Commerce and joined A.F. Fergusons & Co. Chartered Accountants, Lahore as an Audit Clerk and completed four years of training from the same firm. As a qualified Chartered Accountant he worked as Audit Manager with Zahid Amin Waqar, Chartered Accountants, as Manager Finance with Pak Live Stock and Dairy Farm Limited and as an Incharge of Studies, ICAP, for northern region.

He had been involved in education since 1983, and established his own Academy of Professional Accountants (APA) in 1987. Two years later, he began teaching on full time basis, thus, becoming the premier Chartered Accountant initiating the private education of Chartered Accountancy in Pakistan. Ishfaq Ahmed’s start in the field of education was although humble but was on very sole footings of true professionalism and service orientation. He later founded PAC, CIMS and TPC with his other colleagues. Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed FCA was a thorough Muslim who followed the tenants of Islam in his daily life in their letter and spirit.

He always believed in building qualified accountants and as a Principal, he always strived to fulfill his objective. It is mainly due to his untiring efforts that professional accountants are now adopting education as a career. He had great love and affection for his students and vice versa. He always thought about them and worked for their betterment, in their greater interest. He made history by filing a writ petition in the Lahore High Court against the compulsory buying of study packs which ultimately resulted in the withdrawal of the condition by ICAP. He always made representations to the ICAP on matters adversely affecting the profession and its students. He was also instrumental in filing of writ petition against the limitation of number of attempts. Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed was also the author of many books, covering a wide range of professional subjects in accountancy.

He believed that professional education, and not any ordinary qualification in general education, should be the focal point of every student. The youth of the nation should not be left idle to waste its time. They must be persuaded and motivated to pursue higher studies in the best possible way, and to achieve their qualification in the shortest possible time. But they must remember that this life is fleeting. It is a preparatory field for the life hereafter. This fact shall enable them to strive for the success in the hereafter also. For that success they must: Offer their prayers regularly. Be truthful and Earn Rizq-e-Hilal.

Chairperson’s Message – Nighat Ahmad

As much as this saying might sound like a cliché, I feel nothing could more accurately describe the inspiring journey that the Professionals’ Academy of Commerce has been on. While it started on a small scale, it gives me immense pride to say that PAC today has over 125000 Alumni working across the world in well-respected financial institutions, 150+ highly competitive faculty members, 5000+ full time students studying across the purpose built campuses in Lahore, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Dubai and Ajman, each offering different specialists accounting courses. The history of academic achievements and medals received by PAC is its core competency when it comes to accounting education in Pakistan and we strive to make the list bigger and better with every passing day!

Our Founding Members
Our Founding Members

Central Vice Principal’s Message – Mr. Salah-ud-din

Mr. Salah-ud-Din is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).He is also a CISA qualified professional and member of PIPFA and PIM. Brought up at Sir Syed School System and PAF Model School, he is a graduate from Islamia College, Lahore. Before joining PAC as its Central Vice Principal, he worked for Solo Dynamics Group and M Artal Poultry International, a Belgium based MNC in top managerial positions.

Mr. Salah-ud-Din, FCA has more than 21 years of professional experience in teaching students of Chartered Accountancy, ACCA, CISA and other professional fields at foundation, inter and final level. Specialized subjects taught by him include Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Information Technology, Audit, Taxation and Corporate Laws. He has traveled extensively and conducted training sessions for FBR officials and professionals working in the fields of accountancy, finance and IT both in Pakistan and abroad. He is a prolific writer and has written books on Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, IT and Company Law. He serves as a Member Governing Board LABARD (NPO for Rehabilitation of disabled), Member Advisory Board Al-Qalam Institute of Islamic Economics, External Thesis Evaluator for MBA / BBA – UCP and Member Arbitration Committee Lahore Stock Exchange. He also served on Accounting and Auditing Standards Committee and Technical Advisory Committees of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) as a Member.

He says “These are exciting times for The Professionals’ Academy of Commerce as we have achieved many milestones. The professionals’ Academy of commerce PAC is dedicated to the demands of excellence and rigor in the classroom and to ensuring our programs are accessible to those of all backgrounds. This is another achievement that now PAC’S qualified professionals are in great demand in the market. In addition to the providing facilities for various non-accounting exams also through the PFARSON VUE, courses of CA, ACCA, AFD. PAC is now has made its mark in high level training to senior-level executives at various commercial organizations in this connection, PAC conducts customized training Program for the officers of FBR. Hence, the quality and competence of PAC’S faculty is recognized in government circles as well.”

Principal’s Message (Central - Jafar Husain, FCA):

Mr. Jafar Husain is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). He got his school education from Sacred Heart Cathedral Lahore and graduated from Government College Lahore securing first position in his session. As a Chartered Accountant, he started his career in a Chartered Accountants firm and remained a partner (Audit & Tax) for about seven years before adopting teaching as a full time profession. He is among the founding members of PAC and serves as its Central Principal.

Mr. Jafar Husain, FCA has teaching experience of more than twenty seven years. He specializes in the subjects of Auditing, Financial Reporting, Taxation, Company Law and Mercantile Law. He teaches students of CA and ACCA at foundation, inter and final level. He has conducted trainings for FBR Officers, workshops on International Financial Reporting Standards and International Standards on Auditing for Chartered Accountants and staff training programmes for NGOs. He has traveled to different countries including UK, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Saudia Arabia and has also attended conferences, seminars and workshops organized by ICAP and other renowned institutions. He has authored and co-authored a number of books on Auditing and Accounting and written notes on International Standards on Auditing and Company Law.

He believes that students should always try to excel in their studies and should make active efforts for the development of their personalities. They should remember that it is not only their intelligence quotient (IQ) which is important for them to be successful in life but also their emotional quotient (EQ). An important ingredient of their EQ is hope. Research has shown that students who pursue their studies with hope are not only able to perform better in their studies but also in other spheres of their lives. Hope gives people a positive motivation for pursuing their goals with more zeal. So hope, hope and hope should be the motto of everyone’s life.

Our Founding Members
Our Founding Members

Director’s Message – Talha Ahmed

Mr. Talha Ahmed is a qualified Chartered Accountant from ICAEW and CA (Pakistan), he also has a BSc (Hons.) degree in Economics. Despite of the multiple career options that Mr. Talha could resort to, he feels privileged to be a part of PAC ; the leading institution of Accountancy education in the country.

He says: “As the Director at PAC I only try to make contributions to the main ideology of PAC and invest my energies to further the mission of the college; providing quality education along with a healthy and conducive learning environment to the students. We try to give our students the closest to reality testing experience and have arranged for the most qualified faculty members to facilitate them. Our assiduous efforts towards enhancing the overall educational experience of our students through innovation and technology led to the development of PAC School of Distance Learning, thus; making education more flexible for our students. Such efforts will continue in the future as well.

I take pride in saying that PAC has reached all the main cities of Pakistan including Islamabad and Peshawar, it has also crossed the international border and is operational in the UAE, and the geographical boundaries have further blurred with the advancement of the online education forum. Our vast Alumni network has also made us proud by making it to the top positions in the multinational firms and banks. In fact, the majority of CAs in Pakistan are alumni of PAC.

I urge you to become a part of this institute and own the values we have had for so long; quality, ethics, integrity and excellence. I also hope that down the line you join us as qualified teachers because of the learning environment and growth opportunities that PAC provides not just to its students but teachers as well.”